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Efadeck TM Clear

Series: 0454

Durable and chemical resistant industrial floor paint.

Efadeck Clear used for the coating of wood and concrete floors where you want a strong, dust-free surface with good chemical resistance. Can also be used as a mold lacquer for concrete  moulds.  This product is designed for professional use.

Efadeck Clear is a clear coat with a light brown color. Treatment with Efadeck Clear, should be done with the aim of strengthening the floor, more than aesthetic reasons . After treatment, the floor will look like wet concrete. The paint provides a high wear resistance, good water and chemical resistance.  The wear resistance measured by Taber Abraser ( ASTM D 4060-84 ) : 38.7 mg / 1,000 rpm .
Paint withstands spills of gasoline, motor oil, diesel, waste oil, and brake fluid. . Battery acid should be wiped up immediately after spillage.
Efadeck Clear is a one-component, moisture-curing clear lacquer based on polyurethane

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Package dimensions: 5 l / 4,8 kg., 20 l / 19,2 kg.
Coverage: 7 m²/L.
Dry time: Dry to use 6-10 hours 20°C.
Application: Brush, broom or roller.
Type: Solventborne

The floor must be clean and dry - max. 10 % RH. If the concrete has been steel 
trowelled to make the surface impenetrable, thorough grinding is recommended (pls. 
see below).

Apply Efadeck, series 0454, without thinning.

Since Efadeck 0454 not only coats the surface, but also penetrates and strengthens 
the concrete, two coats are recommended. The second coat should be applied, no 
later than 24 hours after the first.

Provide generous ventilation during application and drying. Insufficient ventilation may 
lead to gloss differences in the finished product.

Grinding of concrete floors:
Prior to painting a concrete floor, it is necessary to check if the concrete will allow the 
paint to penetrate and adhere. This may be done by placing drops of water on the 
concrete surface and observe if the drops remain as pearls on the surface, or if the 
concrete surface absorbs the water. If the water penetrates the concrete surface, the 
floor will be ready to paint after cleaning and vacuuming. If the water remains as pearls 
on the surface of the concrete, the concrete must be ground with a suitable floor 
grinder or shot blasted. The grinding must be through enough to allow the water 
droplets to penetrate into the concrete.

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