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FAXE Tabletop Oil

Series: 0231

Basic treatment and care of counters and furniture

FAXE Tabletop Oil is specially developed for easy basic treatment, renovation and care of table tops, furniture e.g. like, there must be water-resistant and durable. Produktet is based on pure natural oils. 

Available in Natural and White.

Colours: See available colours
Package dimensions: 0,50 l.
Coverage: 4-12 m²/L.
Dry time: Fully cured after approx. 7 days. The Table Top can be used cautiously used after approx. 8 hours.
Application: White polishing pad, cloth, if necessary abrasive paper/sponge.

Where to use:
Used on untreated or lye treated wood on table tops and furniture etc. where you want to give the wood a beautiful golden glow with FAXE Tabletop Oil Natural or a beautiful white washed finish FAXE Tabletop Oil White.

If needed sand the wood with a fine-grained sandpaper. Then clean thoroughly with FAXE Intensive Cleaner and warm water. Next, let the wood dry completely. Drying approx. 5 hours by 20°C. The cleaning improves the surface of the wood and intensifies the color. FAXE Intensive Cleaner must be applied by Min.18°C.

1. Clean the wood with FAXE Intensive Cleaner.
2. When the wood is dry sand it with fine grit sandpaper grain 180.
3. Should the table top look extra whitewashed then apply FAXE Universal
Lye first.
4. If you want a whitewashed surface choose FAXE Tabletop White and for natural coloured choose FAXE Tabletop Oil Natural.
5. Apply the oil and let it soak into the wood for 15 minutes. Dry thoroughly with a clean, dry cotton cloths so that no oil is left on the surface. Let the wood dry for 8 hours.
6. Should the tabletop have additional high finish, sand with grain 240 followed up with a very thin layer of oil.
7. Polishing the surface with dry cotton cloth and let the wood dry for 8 hours before use.
8. Avoid dirt and moisture on the tabletop the next 5-7 days after applying the oil.

When needed clean with FAXE Active Care White / Natural or FAXE Wooden Floor Soap White / Natural. If the surface becomes worn clean with FAXE Intensive Cleaner and retreat with FAXE Tabletop Oil.

Technical data:
Cleaning:  Clean tools in White Spirit.

Storage:  Keep above +5°C.

Refined vegetable oils, isoparaffin < 15%, wood oil, drying agents, pigments (only in white).

Empty the complete contents of the container into a plastic vessel, stir thoroughly before and during use. Several containers containing identical products should be mixed together.

The finished result depends, amongst other things, on the preparatory treatment, structure and natural colour of the substrate. For this reason, try out first on a sample area. 

VOC: 2004/42/IIA(i)(500)130

Reservations are made for technical changes and printing errors.


Risk of spontaneous ignition: Oil-soaked cloths, abrasive dust, etc. can spontaneous ignite. Soak cloths etc. in water and dispose or keep in a fireproof container.

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