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Anne Birte Møller Trade Marketing Koordinator +45 76 11 53 19


Series: 0297

For industrial treatment. Protects against yellowing of the wood while adding wood a translucent color.

Series 297 FAXE Color Lye THIX acts as Universal Lye, but is adapted so that in addition to protecting against yellowing of the tree, also adds a translucent color, for example White, Gray, Black or other colors of your choice. The product is made thixotropic so that it can be applied to the roller or spray equipment rates in the industry.

Subsequently, the surface can be treated with oil, harvwax, Invisioil and the like, depending on the surface and the effect you want.

Produced by ordering minimum 100 litre in the desired packaging size, and color of your choice.

Technical datasheets: Download (Da-DK)
Safety sheets: Find det her


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