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FAXE Softwood Lye

Series: 0283

Highlighting grain and protects softwood against yellowing.

FAXE Softwood Lye effectively stops natural pine, spruce or pitch pine from yellowing. The wood will take on a light, white, but seasoned appearance, typical of surfaces treated with lye. Depending upon the type of wood, the heartwood will be accentuated, structure and grain will remain.

Package dimensions: 1 l., 2,5 l., 5 l.
Coverage: 8-12 m²/L.
Dry time: Approx. 5 hours at 20°C.
Application: Nylon brush or lye applicator, plastic bucket, sanding pad or disc.
Fareikoner: GHS 05
Fareord: Danger
Risiko: - May be corrosive to metals.
- Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

The wood must be sanded down, with a fine grain pad or disc, clean and dry. Remove stubborn dirt using FAXE Intensive Cleaner. When working with lye, always wear suitable gloves and protective goggles.

• Apply the undiluted lye evenly, with the grain, using a nylon brush or lambswool lye applicator. Smooth out overlaps, as long as the wood is still wet. For a particularly
intensive effect, repeat the process after the first coat has dried.
• When the wood has dried, remove the chalk-like coating and smooth the surface of the wood using a fine sanding pad or disc.

After Care:
The finish should be applied in to suit the planned usage: FAXE Wooden Floor Oil, FAXE Prestige Oil or FAXE Coloroil for particularly high quality wooden floors, FAXE Wooden Floor Soap for robust and natural Scandinavian-style softwood floors and FAXE Tabletop Oil for table tops and worktops. Products with a white pigment are preferable in all cases.

Technical data:
Cleaning: Clean tools with water.
pH value: 13.

Storage: Keep above +5°C.

Water, sodium hydroxide, vegetable oil, lime.

Empty the complete contents of the container into a plastic vessel, stir thoroughly before and during use. Several containers containing identical products should be mixed together.
The finished result depends, amongst other things, on the preparatory treatment, structure and natural colour of the substrate. For this reason, try out first on a sample area.

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