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FAXE Oilotion

Series: 0246

Care for oiled floors and wooden surfaces

FAXE Oilotion is developed for refreshing and maintenance of oiled floorings. Produced on basis of vegetable oils and contains wax. FAXE Oilotion provides the floor with oil and maintains it. Gives a transparent, protecting and liquid resistant layer on the surface, which makes it easy to maintain. On natural oiled surfaces FAXE Oilotion will highlight and maintain the depth of the wood and the golden glow in the wood. FAXE Oilotion is especially suitable for wooden floorings, which are fabric oil treated or newly oiled with a FAXE Oil. FAXE Oilotion is not suitable for lacquered and artificial surfaces. For this purpose is FAXE Active Care recommended.


Package dimensions: 1 l., 2,5 l.
Coverage: 15-25 m²/L. depending on the surface and wear.
Dry time: Surface dry after 3 hours at 20°C.
Application: Lambswool applicator or sponge.

Where to use:
FAXE Oilotion is primary used on wooden floorings, which are fabric oiled or basic treated with floor oils. FAXE Oilotion shall not be used on lacquered or artificial surfaces. For this purpose FAXE GOlak Care or FAXE Active Care Naturel is recommended.

Before application remove any old conditioner and stubborn dirt using FAXE Intensive Cleaner. Dilute FAXE Intensive Cleaner 1:20 and clean the floor. Wash hereafter with clean water. Let the floor dry for approx. 5 hours.

• The floor shall be clean and dust free.
• Shake the can a couple of times and pour out the required quantity in a suitable container or directly on the floor.
• If the can with FAXE Oilotion is left untouched for a longer period, then shake the closed can a few times before using it again. 
• Apply an even, thin layer with the grain. Work wet-in-wet and not over areas which already have dried.
• If there are areas, which absorb a lot of material, apply more FAXE Oilotion, while the surface is still wet.
• If there are areas, where a lot of material creates pools on the surface, 
even out the material for more uniform result.
• Allow to dry for 3 hours at min. 20°C with good ventilation, before the floor is taken into use. The surface will be fully hardened after 3 days and should therefore not be fully worn within this period.
• If a second application is required, this can be done after 3 hours.
• Do not polish the floor after FAXE Oilotion has been applied. Do not clean newly oiled surfaces the first 3 days after application.

Daily maintenance of wood treated with FAXE Oilotion only requires vacuum-cleaning. When the wood gets dirty it is easily cleaned with FAXE Active Care or FAXE Wooden Floor Soap.

Technical data:
Cleaning: Clean tools with water.

Storage: Not less than +5°C.

Vegetable oil, wax, water.

Empty the complete contents of the container into a plastic vessel, stir thoroughly before and during use. Several containers containing identical products should be mixed
together. The finished result depends, amongst other things, on the preparatory treatment, structure and natural colour of the substrate. For this reason, try out first on a sample area. 

VOC: 2004/42/llA(i)(140)24

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