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FAXE Patina Lye THIX

Series: 0593

For industrial treatment. 1-step treatment for driftwood aging of oak.

FAXE Patina Lye is produced to give Oak a beautiful patina look, which nature otherwise are years  to bring on new wood.  The process is done with just one treatment.  FAXE Patina Lye can be aftertreated with all our oils, hardwaxes and lacquer.

Produced by ordering minimum 100 litre in the desired packaging size.

Coverage: 15 m²/L.
Dry time: Dry to touch 5 hours 20°C.
Application: Brush, Roller, Pad, Industrial roller coater.

FAXE Patina Lye leaves the surface as an old worn floor with a greyish look. FAXE Patina Lye can only be used on new untreated or freshly sanded wood.

FAXE Patina Lye will change the color of the wood through a chemical reaction and sealing treatment afterwards is therefore necessary.

Manual application: 
The wood must be untreated or newly sanded. Apply FAXE Patina Lye with a brush, pad or a roller in the longitudinal direction of the wood. Apply an even layer and avoid overlapping. Let the surface dry for approx. 5 hours at 20ºC.

Industrial application: 
Apply FAXE Patina Lye with a sponge rubber roller. The surface is then brushed.

To seal the wood oil-treatment with eg. FAXE Prestige Oil or FAXE H.S. Micro Oil is recommended


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