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FAXE Patina Lye

Series: 0593

1-step treatment for driftwood aging of oak

FAXE Patina Lye leaves the surface with a characteristic aged look on Oak. By mixing with FAXE Combicolor, a wide scale of unique effects and colour tones can be achieved.

Package dimensions: 2,5 l.
Coverage: 6-8 m²/L.
Dry time: 5 hours at 20°C.
Application: Lambswool mop, sponge or brush.
Clean tools with water.
Type: Waterborne

Where to use:
Suitable for new untreated or freshly sanded Oak indoor. FAXE Patina Lye is to be used as a pretreatment, before the use of FAXE Oil.

The surface must be untreated or freshly sanded, to have the product to penetrate evenly. Clean with FAXE Intensive Cleaner and let dry for 5 hours.

1. Apply FAXE Patina Lye with the grain, using lambswool mop, sponge or brush. Smooth out overlaps, while the wood is still wet.
2. First layer is dry after approx. 5 hours at 20°C and a new layer can be applied.

After Care:
After application of FAXE Patina Lye and drying, the surface must be treated with a FAXE Oil.

Technical data:
pH value: 3-4.

Storage: Keep from frost.

Glycol, citric acid and ferrous sulphate.


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