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FAXE Spot Remover

Series: 0272

Special product for removing stains

FAXE Spot Remover is a specialized product for removing stains. Typical stains such as grease, blood, coffee, tea, red wine on an untreated, soaped, waxed or oiled wood, can be removed gently. FAXE Spot Remover contains no solvents, fragrances and pigments.

Package dimensions: 0,25 l.
Application: Soft brush or cloth.

•  Put the FAXE Spot Remover on the spot. Let the product works for 10-20 minutes.
• Dirt is loosened and removed with a soft brush.
• Wash with clean water  or add FAXE Intensiv Cleaner and dry with a cloth.
• If the spot particularly is difficult to remove, then repeat the treatment.

It is always recommended to make a small sample for testing surface adhesion and color tone.

After cleaning a new surface protection is required.

Technical Data:
Cleaning: Clean tools with water
pH: 10

Glycerol, water, tensides, less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, less than 5% EDTA. 


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