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FAXE Rattan Cleaner

Series: 058013141

Cleaning of dirty and growth affected rattan furniture

For cleaning of polyrattan garden furniture, fence and other rattan surfaces. Removes dirt and growth from the surface. After care with FAXE Rattan Care.

Package dimensions: 0,75 l.
Coverage: 20m²/L.
Application: Brush, cloth and water.
Type: Waterborne

1. Shake and spray the product on the surface and leave it to work for 10 minutes.
2. Brush the surface thoroughly and rinse with plenty of water.
3. Wipe dry with a cloth and allow to dry completely before FAXE Rattan Care. is applied.

Avoid leaving FAXE Rattan Cleaner on the furniture metal parts as these surfaces may corrode

After Care:
After care with FAXE Rattan Care.

Technical data:
Clean tools with water.
pH value: ca. 8,0.

Water, <5% disinfectant.

Technical datasheets:
Safety sheets: Find det her


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