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FAXE Stone Care

Series: 028010021

Maintenance of tile and stone surfaces.

Combination of cleaning agent and care. Contains wax. Can be used on all washable surfaces. Improves the colour and gives a deep appearance. Gives a nonskid surface.

Package dimensions: 1 l.
Coverage: 75-200 m²/L.
Dry time: 30-60 min.
Application: Cloth, lambswool applicator
Type: Waterborne

Where to use:
For cleaning and care for e.g. tiling, unglazed ceramics, marble, natural stone and for surfaces treated with FAXE Stone Polish.

Clean the surface with FAXE Stone Cleaner.

Shake the can thoroughly before use and mix with water 1:10. Wash the surface. Do not clean with fresh water after the treatment. When the surface is dry it can be polished in order to obtain higher gloss (medium glossy).

Add FAXE Stone Care to water. Normal mixing ration is: 1/4 - 1/2 dl in 10 litres of water.
FAXE Stone Care can be removes with FAXE Stone Cleaner.

Technical data:
Cleaning: Clean tools with water.
pH value: Approx. 7,5.

Storage: Protect from frost.

Acrylic wax, bee and palm wax, and water.
Empty the complete contents of the container into a plastic vessel, stir thoroughly before and during use. Several containers containing identical products should be mixed together.
The finished result depends, amongst other things, on the preparatory treatment, structure and natural colour of the substrate. For this reason, try out first on a sample area. 

VOC: 2004/42/IIA(I)(140)22

Reservations are made for technical changes and printing errors.

Technical datasheets:
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