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FAXE Stone polish

Series: 028010020

Sealing of tile and stone surfaces

Acryl based impregnation. Can be used on most hard floorings. Improves colour and structure and gives a good wearability. Is NOT recommended for outdoor use. Note! In wet areas the surface can be slippery.

Package dimensions: 1 l.
Coverage: 25-30 m²/L.
Dry time: 30-60 min.
Application: Cloth, lambswool applicator.

Used where a glossy surface protection is wanted e.g. on unglazed ceramic tiles, tiles, un-polished marble, slate and natural stone. Used for filling up pores of porous tiles before jointing in order to make the removal of cement haze easier. The polish can be removed again using FAXE Stone Cleaner.

The surface is cleaned using FAXE Stone Cleaner.

Shake the container before use.
Basic treatment: Apply 1 – 3 layers of concentrated FAXE Stone Polish on a clean and dry surface with a moist cloth or sponge in parallel lanes. The surface has to dry between the treatments. Thin layers give the best result.
Wash/care: Treated surfaces can be cleaned and maintained by using FAXE Stone Care.
Cleaning: The polish can be removed with FAXE Stone Cleaner.

Technical data:
pH: ca. 7,1-8,7.

Frost free.
2 years at 20°C

NB: Try out on a sample area to test for surface, adhesion and colour tone.

Technical datasheets:
Safety sheets: Find det her


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