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FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 2

Series: 029507343

Bleeching and neutralize the surface. Step 2

FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 2 is part of a system consisting of 2 active cleaners for untreated or oiled wood surfaces, which are used one after the other. FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 1 cleans dirt, grey weathering, rust stains, remains of oil treatment and deposits. FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 1 loosens grease and dirt with good effect. FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 2 neutralize residues of FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 1 and lightens the tree. Do not use on glass or glazed surfaces.

Package dimensions: 1 l.
Coverage: 10-50 m²/L.
Dry time: Approx. 5 hours at 20°C.
Application: Plastic paintbrush / brush, water hose, bucket.
Fareikoner: GHS 05 GHS 07
Fareord: Danger
Risiko: - Harmful if swallowed or in contact with skin.

Everything that must not be treated has to be covered of: terrace, tiles, lawn etc. The order of application must always be FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 1 and then FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 2. Depending on the natur of the surface  FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 1 are mixed in 1-5 parts of water and FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 2 are mixed in 1-5 parts of water.

• The wood must be moistened.  Apply FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 1 and scrubbe with a stiff brush until the dirt has loosened. Then rinse with water after 10-15 minutes.
• Apply FAXE Outdoor Cleaner 2  on the still wet surface and let it work in 10-20 minutes.
• Rinse with plenty of water. Let the surface to dry.
• Possible fiber erection sanded with an abrasive pad or sandpaper.

After Care:
FAXE Hardwood Oil is used as after care.  As a refresh of the original color of the wood it is recommended to use the pigmented oils corresponding to its natural nuance

Technical data:
Cleaning: Clean tools with water.
pH value: 1-2.

Storage: Not less than +5 °C.

Water,  <5 % non-ionic surfactants

Empty the complete contents of the container into a plastic vessel, stir thoroughly before and during use. Several containers containing identical products should be mixed together. The finished result depends, amongst other things, on the preparatory treatment, structure and natural colour of the substrate. For this reason, try out first on a sample area.

Reservations are made for technical changes and printing errors.


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